Day 12: Favorite Friendship: Haley James & Brooke Davis

Their friendship in season three is one of my most favorite friendship of all, even with four, five, six, and seven. Despite their lack of screentime lately, their friendship still holds a piece of my heart no matter what. The reason I am watching One Tree Hill is because of their friendship. They have mega chemistry and have some amusing scenes, heartwarming scenes, everything you could think of. They are always there for each other through their hardest times. But again with late seasons, the writer didn’t do them justiced but with season three, they pretty much were each other rocks.

So no matter what if the writers destroy them or even make one of them kill another, or does anything, everything in their power to destroy their friendship, in the end, the writers would NEVER EVER destroy them in my eyes. Idgaf what Mark comes up with them that I knew that he would ruin them more and more, but in the end, BH friendship is still the strongest and will always remains my favorite, if ever.

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